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Terms and Conditions


Please read, understand and accept our Terms and Conditions before you make apurchase. Once Purchase is made and the order confirmed you will enroll in a bindingcontract with Curate Limited.  We cannot guarantee that all theinformation of the website is up to date or correct or current at all times.Our consumer service is here to confirm to you all the latest and correctinformation through email.


The description of the products on the online shop does not represent a legally binding offer, rathera non-binding online-catalogue.
By clicking on the button “Add to cart”, the product can be put into the shopping basket, this action is non-binding. The shopping basket can be reviewed at any time by clicking on the “Your Cart” link, any product previously deposited in the shopping basket can be removed. A product in the shopping basket can be purchased by first clicking on the “Your Cart” link and entering the required information. Registration is not necessary.
By clicking the button “Pay Now” one is entering into a binding transaction regarding the desired products. After dispatching ones order, the customer will receive a confirmation email regarding the receipt of the order. This though does not represent an acceptance of the customers order but rather represents a confirmation that the order has reached us.
The act of sale comes about when we either confirm the contract via email or the delivery of the products is completed and we thus confirm the order.

If the ordered goods cannot be delivered, the vendor will informs the buyer asap.  In some cases, some product(s) might not be available, and a refund or exchange will be given.  There are no guarantees in providing the order product(s) when it is unavailable to us.  


Unfortunately we do not allow for the return or exchange of products. We provide an as detailed as possible description of each product to avoid any surprises for you. 

We try our best to package our products carefully before we ship it to you. In the rare case that the products get damaged or broken, we offer a replacement product for local shipping only, when this shipping damage can be proven through imagery. If this product is currently out of stock, we will refund the cost you purchased.  Please take note that the whole process  can take up to  20-25 days.The shipping costs, duties, taxes and/or fees involved for returning the product will be on your own expenses. Curate will cover the costs of sending you the new product.


Most items will be sent outwithin 3-7 working days.  However, in some cases, order products from foreign countries or out of stock products will take longer period of time, and there are no guarantees or a fixed date can be give.  Please expect AT LEAST 14 -20 working days for these items.   We try our very best to provide you with the best quality in the best time we can.  


Products remain our property until payment has taken place.


All content on our website and social media channels are produced and property of Curate Ltd. unless stated otherwise. As player in the internet world,  we respect our colleagues and expect the same from them and from our customers in being mindful about intellectual property rights.


We care about our customers and that’s why we try to protect you with our privacy policy to make sure that your personal and purchase information is safe. The data that you provide whilst browsing on our website/social media channels and when making your purchase are kept only by Curate Ltd.   The data will only be used for the sole purpose of conducting our business and shared only by those who are involved in the required process of performing our business (such as deliveryservice/Paypal, etc.)